About Us

We truly believe that travel is the path to enlightenment!

It is an essential travel element to keep you interested and engaged. Whether it is group travel, fundraising opportunities, or individual getaways, we go above and beyond to provide life-enriching, exceptional experiences!

We are dedicated to furthering the legacy of Pan American World Airways, the world’s greatest airline! All profits from Pan Am Museum Foundation fundraisers will be donated to the museum!

Personal Bio
Founder Wendy Sue Knecht has always had a passion for travel. As a little girl, she dreamt of traveling. After earning her degree at the University of Arizona, she became a flight attendant for the world’s most iconic airline; Pan Am.

She wrote about her rich and amazing experiences in her book, "Life, Love, and a Hijacking". Wendy worked for Delta Airlines after Pan Am’s demise, all the while pursuing her love of invention - selling her travel bag designs and other company’s products on QVC.  She is an expert in all things travel, from packing to navigating the globe.

Wendy has visited over 90 countries and is a member of the Circumnavigators Club. She has been a featured travel and lifestyle writer for numerous publications.

Wendy serves on the board of directors of the Pan Am Museum Foundation as Director of Fundraising and Global Travel.

Wendy’s other passions are fitness and health advocacy.

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